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Type 1 Diabetes Specialist

Jonas Leibowitz, MD

Endocrinologist located in Yonkers, NY

Living with type I diabetes means that you need to monitor your blood sugar regularly, in addition to taking insulin throughout the day. With advancements in treatments and updated medical research though, Jonas Leibowitz, MD helps you take control of type I diabetes. As a trusted internist and endocrinologist in Yonkers, New York, Dr. Leibowitz guides you through managing type 1 diabetes. His practice, Jonas Leibowitz, MD offers flexible scheduling for new patients. Start learning how to better manage your type I diabetes today by calling the office, or booking your appointment online.

Type 1 Diabetes Q & A

Is type I diabetes preventable?

No. Type I diabetes is sometimes called “juvenile-onset diabetes” because, for most, it begins in your childhood. When you have Type I diabetes, an autoimmune disorder forces your body to attack your pancreas. Because your pancreas is responsible for making insulin – the hormone that regulates your blood sugar – you might not produce enough insulin, if any at all.

Can type I diabetes be cured?

No, but it is manageable. Dr. Leibowitz specializes in diabetes management and medication usage. He works with you to see if you have any lifestyle concerns that may be contributing to unstable blood sugar levels, like poor diet or lack of exercise. Once he coaches you on management techniques, he helps you find the right insulin dosage.

Will I need insulin shots for type I diabetes?

You do need insulin, but you have options available besides injections. Taking your insulin through a shot is most common though. You do have the option of selecting pre-filled insulin pens to take out the guesswork of dosages. More modern ways to get the insulin you need are through the use of jet injectors or insulin pumps.

Insulin jet injectors send a spray of insulin through your skin with a high-pressure force. With an insulin pump, Dr. Leibowitz inserts a tiny semi-permanent catheter under your skin, which is attached to the external pump. You can either program the pump to dispense insulin or press a button when it’s time to take your insulin. Dr. Leibowitz lets you know which insulin option is best for you and teaches you how to take it.

Do I need to check my blood sugar every day with type I diabetes?

Yes. You should get in the habit of checking your blood sugar as soon as you get up in the morning. Because you’ve been fasting all night, it’s likely low and you need to eat soon. Depending on the severity of your diabetes and how well you manage your blood sugar, Dr. Leibowitz could suggest checking your sugar before or after each meal, and then again right before bed. On any given day, you should be checking your glucose levels four to eight times.